Abnormal Behavior in Female Beardie, age 3


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Hello! My female bearded dragon laid eggs on September 23rd, about 3 weeks ago. She laid at least 17 eggs that all looked normal, well formed. Then her behavior was normal, until about 3 days ago. She has become extremely hyperactive, glass surfing and digging quite a bit, basically behaving like she is gravid. She has been pooping everyday, but her poop the last few days was abnormal for her--it was quite small and harder than usual and had a yellow urate/goo with the poop. Another odd thing is that a cut on the tip of her tail appeared a few days ago, no idea where or how she got it. She has laid one other clutch before and did not exhibit this behavior after. She has been eating and is not black bearding. Kind of at a loss for what this could be, any help would be very appreciated.


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Try giving hea dig box. 1 of mine laid back to back clutches afew months ago, it can happen.


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Has her beard been normal color or is it darker than usual?
They can sometimes have an egg or two left over that didn't get laid & were retained. Could that
be a possibility?


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