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A couple quick things


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Hello all, wow its been a while since I've been on here. I own Opal, a 2 year old Fancy girl, and Zayde, a 10month (ish, I'm not really sure). I bought both from a local pet store and fed them crickets and mealworms (only mealworms that where white, hence they are soft as they just shed.) as a staple diet, with greens on the side. Up until they where a bit older and looking more like an adult beardie. Now I feed them both a staple of Collard Greens, celery, carrots, apples, cucumber, and every once in a while Zuchinni, Spinach, Radishes, Grapes, Bell Peppers, and stuff like that. I fed them every day and they where happy and healthy. Now recently I have been super busy and I admit I've neglected feeding them and taking care of them as much as I should. I would feed them every other day and I hate to say it but once they went 3 days without being fed. I still turned their lights on and took care of them and gave them collards or lettuce, but I just didnt take the time to give them the meals they need. I want to go off better from here and I just wanted to ask you guys what I should start with as a salad, what vegetables should I add in? any reccomendations on other feeder insects to try? I will say, neither of them are super skinny or unhealthy, in fact Opal is quite plump. However I really want to be a better owner so I'm asking ya'll how I should start. (I probably sound stupid) .

So, Zayde, ever since I got him has just seemed to have "stress marks" as a part of him. even when he's just chilling or basking. I asked a while ago about it and a few people said its nothing to worry about and that some bearded dragons are just like that but Its kind of concerning me as he also will slide off his hammock and right in between his hide and the wall of his tank. Now I'm wondering if his heat bulb may be too hot? I'm not sure. He also seems to freak out whenever I hold him outside of his tank. (Which I do often until he does freak out). I do not have a heat gun at this point but I am ordering one. Both of them have 24" T5 uvb tube lights in their tanks which are both fairly new. And they both have 125 watt heat bulbs. I will post pictures of them both and their setups as soon as I can.

Anyway, those are just a couple things I need help with and would like your advice on.
Thanks so much
~ Abby


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Hi Abby, some good veggie staples for your beardies include mustard greens, collard greens, squash (butternut, spaghetti squash), and escarole. For feeder insects, another good staple feeder are dubia roaches. Occasional hornworms and superworms are a great addition to their diet. You could also look into black soldier fly larvae (Phoenix worms).

I would highly recommend getting a digital reptile thermometer with a probe end for testing your temperatures since temp guns may not be as accurate depending on the surface that you're testing. Zoo Med makes an inexpensive and good digital reptile thermometer with a probe.

Definitely post photos of your enclosure when you get a chance.


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Hey Abby,

I’m glad to hear that your looking to improve your care for your beardies.

Sorry for delays in reply to your thread. It looks like you had initially replied on another thread. Drache613 (moderator) was able to move your post into its own thread. I was confused where this thread came from at first, as I tend to keep an eye out for unanswered threads.

Hopefully now, as it’s own thread you’ll get some more responses to help you out.
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