A bit worried about her not pooping

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My Beardie Crocs hasn't been for a poop for 4 days now. She seems a bit bloated . She hasn't had much to eat yesterday but a bit better today. She refuses all insects and worms but eats her veg which is basically kale, butternut, carrot, turnip and some fruit mainly apple. I also give her some apple puree as this helps with the feeding and she likes to lick it off my finger. She doesn't seem ill or listless and still runs around. I have her in raw sunlight for 2 to 3 hours a day outside when I am working in the garden. She still has her normal sleep routine which is a daytime nap at about noon and then to bed at about 5 in the afternoon.
I gave her a 30 minute soak in nice warm water yesterday and this morning.
She is alert and still likes to be handled and spends a lot of time on my shoulder.
She hates to be put in her enclosure and only sleeps there or when I go out and cannot take her with.
Its starting to get cold here so I am a bit worried about her body temperature.
I there anything I can do before I take her to the local vet. He has had a bit of experience with beardies but is not a specialist.



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Thanks for the reply.
Crocs is 1 year and 3 months old.
This is the first Beardie for me . She was given to me by my lady friend as after last Christmas holidays with me she did not want anything to do with her previous owner as I spoiled her and had a lot of interaction with her.
She was never taught very well when she was a juvenile hence the reason for the poor eating habits. I spend at least an hour a day preparing her food and hand feeding her.
She is my pleasure and constant companion as I am retired and live alone.
I will keep a close watch on her and see what happens.




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I wouldn't start worrying until she hasn't gone for a week...But out of curiosity, what lighting do you have for her? I'm asking because you say she is only in her enclosure for sleeping basically, and while it's good to take her outside for sunlight, 2-3 hours of proper UVB lighting is no where near enough for a bearded dragon. They need 12-14 hours of proper UVB lighting every single day or they cannot properly digest their food, process their calcium or the nutrition they eat, and will develop all kinds of serious health problems as a result of the UVB deficiency. They also need to be at proper temperatures in order to digest their food, they should be under their UVB lighting and their basking lighting for 1-2 hours before they eat and then again for 1-2 hours after they eat. You say he goes to bed at 5:00 in the afternoon? This doesn't allow for nearly enough UVB lighting or high enough temperatures because they should sleep with no lighting on at all.

For example, my UVB and basking lights go on at 7:00 in the morning, I feed them their insects between 8-9 in the morning, then they are in their enclosures basking until around noon. Then they come out with me for an hour or two, then back in their enclosures for another 2 hours basking, then they get their veggies. Then they bask for a while, then they may come outside for sunlight when possible, if not they are on the couch with me or whatever I'm doing, but go back in their enclosures for basking until between 9-10 at night when their lights are all off. So while daily schedules and events vary, they always get at least 12 hours of UVB every single day, and are exposed to a basking spot with a temperature between 98-103 degrees before and after they eat, so that they can digest their food and absorb their calcium and nutrition.

You kind of sent up a red flag to me with the 2-3 hours outside for sunlight, never being in her enclosure except to sleep, and then bedtime at 5:00 in the afternoon. If she doesn't get at least 12+ hours of proper wavelength and strength of UVB light every day, and isn't exposed to the appropriate basking temperatures before and after eating, she can not only become constipated and/or impacted, but she can develop numerous serious health problems like Metabolic Bone Disease (most common and serious, usually due to improper UVB type and exposure).


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Ok yesterday Crocs had a big poop in her enclosure while I was out shopping for her food. I took a sample to the vet for checking and he found that she has parasites. Not yet sure which but I will see him tomorrow for all the info and treatment.
Now to learn how to medicate a lizard. I have experience with all sorts of other animals but a Beardie is new. Any advice would be helpful.
Any other advice will also be welcome. I would like to know how she got infected and how long it takes from time of infection to when it becomes obvious.

Thanks for the help.
By the way I didn't choose her bedtime its her that wants sleep at about the same time every day.



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Further to the last post Crocs has pooped on Monday and its a proper one with the bit of water and then the membranes with the urates and then a proper stool. Today she had a poop which was ok but a bit smaller.
Took her to the vet and he said that her parasite load was a bit high. He treated her with two medicines and wants to retest in a month. He seems to be happy with her general condition.
Wasn't as difficult giving her the meds as what I thought it would be.
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