6 month old Beardie not eating, help needed!!!!

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I'm new to this so I'm not sure if it's a real problem or me just worrying too much.
Well basically i bought my first Beardie (Little Dude is his name) bout two weeks ago and he doesn't really wanna eat for me. He's eating a few locusts and crickets for me at first but defiantely hasn't had any since last Thursday, i still havn't gotten him to eat fruit, he just seems to lick them. He's no problem drinking water and seems to like going to the toilet on my bed (twice so far, big one's as well). The lad i bought him off said he thinks he's about 6 months old and i was wondering is this a phase or is there something wrong.

Conor H


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Hello Conor,

Do you know what type of substrate he was on before you got him? Perhaps he was slightly impacted? Good he hasa gone to the bathroom though.
What are you feeding him?
Sometimes, around 6 months, they start getting bored with their food. You could maybe get him some butterworms or phoenix worms to complement the feeder he is eating now. How long is he?
What type & brand of UVB are you feeing him?
Do you supplement calcium 5 times per week?

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