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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, but have found through observing these past few weeks, that a lot of you are absolute legends - so thanks!

I understand that this may have been discussed before, but, I thought I'd ask specifically to my age and circumstances.
About 4 days ago on the 1/3/23 (AEST-Melb Time) I brought home a 5 wk old hatchling.

I have set it up with a basking spot that reaches temperature (I notice it frequently gaping) and the options for shade and cool spots - it is a 3ft enclosure.

I just have a few concerns since bringing it home: Feeding:
- Days 1 and 2 it ate about 6 medium crickets.
- Day 3 it ate 6, yesterday it ate 7.

I was told to feed medium crickets by the pet shop so that's what I have been doing.
I notice it's not the ferocious eater I was expecting.

Would this be a safe number of crickets? They seem quite large?

I have provided it a finely shredded/chopped salad every day since bringing it home; kale, carrot and zucchini, but it just looks at it and ignores it.

I have tried many different methods, cutting it even smaller, wetting it, trying a smaller container in the natural sun, moving it around, placing a small feeder insect under it to keep it moving, but nothing - not even a nibble - not even a lick of the tongue to taste.

Would it be safe to assume that it is still within its insectivore period? I am worried that if I do something wrong, it won't get the nutrition it needs and I'll end up devastated down the line.

I am also trying to make sure that salad is all I offer in the morning, leaving it in the enclosure all day every day, changing it daily, and then offering several small meals of crickets (whatever it'll eat - I stop when it runs away from the food).

The last concern I had is in regard to activity;

I made an artificial tree that it seems to absolutely love and feel secure in, but I notice that it never comes down from it. It doesn't roam the ground of the enclosure, nor does it ever inspect the food bowl - and since getting it, it has never gone near it's water bowl either.

Is this new home jitters?

I have given it a few baths this week to ensure hydration - and it has had a bowel movement 2/3 times I've done it, and seems to be okay with baths which is why I have done it near daily or daily.

I did so much research and prepared everything as much as I could before hand - but I am starting to feel a bit defeated at it's lack of appetite (though it could just be full) and activity.

It repositions and moves around the tree regularly, and when I sit in the sun with it, it readily climbs all over me - so lethargy isn't a concern.

Any advice is appreciated.


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Oh, I also got the equivalent of the T5 UVB too.

I’ll give it a quick measure tonight too.
Where is the T5? Top of screen or inside the tank? You can get him some BSFL www.symtonbsf.com they are great for babies -- use them as salad lures - drop them into a bowl ceramic / glass so they cant get out something like this
use as many as you want they are a staple feeder -- small roaches work well in this bowl too -- here is a website for nutrition Nutrition Content ignore the kale info its outdated

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