55 gal resident?? PS no beardies

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I have an empty 55 gal because I found that no heat can get to my beautiful beardie venus, so I moved her into a plastic tub, which she enjoys very much. So, I'm left with a 55 gal that I refuse to waste, so any residents?? NO aquatics please!! (or snakes:parents :( )
Ive been thinking:

Blue tongue skink
Giant Day Gecko
Large Tree frog viv
So somebody, please respond!! I must get reptile/amphib!!


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What was the problem with heat? I think BTS need heat similar to dragons.

A tank that size would make an awesome frog habitat, especially if you plant it you could do some very nice landscaping. Many tree frogs prefer vertical space though. Maybe as a terrarium for a few anoles.
A colony of leopard geckos may be suitable, and you can provide them with belly heat and could do some cool landscaping with expanding foam style backgrounds.


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The BTS are burrowing, so I could layer up aspen to reach the heat, but not with beardies(its a long story)
Maybe tokays??? not sure. or cave geckos. A guy near me breeds them, actually several (I'm very lucky)


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Just a few suggestions.....all of these are very hardy......fireskink,.....armadillo lizard.....a group of fire belly toads..... , all are easy to care for.


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55gal is way too much small floor space for a BTS or a bearded dragon - beardie should be in 40g-75g and bts need a 75g as they get to be almost three feet long.


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I've seen a few care sheets, none of them are really in depth, but these are easy to care for. Actually there are a few subspecies, the ones that are most common in the pet trade are cordylus jonesii, c.tropidosternum and c.mossambicus. These are in the 6-9" range. A true armadillo lizard [ c.catyphractus] is about 15 -17" long [ I believe ] It's the smaller ones that are offered usually, [ the first 3 I mentioned ] and these are from the dry forests of East Africa. Some owners use a mixture of sand + reptile safe mulch. They will use branches, logs + rocky dens all in the same tank, but they don't really climb very high. A basking spot about 90 -95, with ambient around 76-80, night time 65-70. Humidity around 35 %. They'll eat all the usual bugs , including mealworms, superworms, crix + dubia. A water bowl, at least the length of their body, will be used for drinking and an occasional soak. They need UVB, so you'll need a heat bulb as well as a good UVB, and you can use a mercury vapor bulb [ like Powersun by Zoomed ] to provide both. They are live bearers and can produce at least 1-3 babies [ might be more ] at a time. I enjoyed mine, it was a wild caught adult when I got it but it lived for about 8 years....I've read that they can live 20 years.
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