4X2X2-Taking it apart & putting it back together.


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Hey guys.
I have an Eco-Flex from Amazon.
& you can take it apart.

If the occasion ever presented itself; & I needed to take the Eco-Flex apart, & I don't want it to break during this process.
It seems pretty sturdy.
The only problem is it uses plastic bolts.
I can get some metal bolts & screw it back together.

The fasteners are metal from what I can tell.
The enclosure is Mojave wood.
It's a 4X2X2.

Would there be any problems with me using metal bolts to fasten the enclosure back together.?
It's pretty sturdy with the plastic bolts but I just want to be sure of the safety of the Lizard.
I'd rather use Metal bolts.


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Just make sure if you switch to metal, that you get the appropriate sized bolts. Metal will easily strip out plastic threads.



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Hazel my female two year old beardie
Metal can strip very easily so make sure you have the right bolts so it does not strip the plastic!

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