4x2x.5x4 setup


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This is almost the finished article. She'll be getting some substrate and plants tommorow. I added a second UVB tube closer to the front to front of the enclosure to enable the branches at the front to get UVB exposure as they're higher up


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I was just about to comment i see everthing but a beardie 😄
It took me a minute to spot her lol 😁. That is a pretty cool looking setup.


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Looking great! Once everything is ready to go, I'd observe how she uses the space over the following weeks and make small tweaks to accommodate her preferences. That center piece is really cool!


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Thanks - the log took a while to set up. Lot's of screws 😅

I've had to take out the middle lamp for now, as the temperatures are getting too hot for the cool side/top right for me. She's started using that area more now that the heat lamp is gone. I've installed a couple of fans for ventilation but I've had to buy more as they're not having an enormous impact. She likes to sit on the middle branches and her activity has improved a lot from her smaller enclosure.

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