3 year old female beardie with all supplies/tank - Little Rock, AR

Appx 3 year old beautiful orange/reddish female bearded dragon for sale to a kind, loving home that has more time to pay her the attention she deserves. Smart, loving and affectionate, enjoys chasing live crickets and being hand-fed yellow bell peppers and dandelions. Gentle with kids and very low maintenance. Average expenses no more than $5-$10 a month max.

Comes with everything she needs: large tank with digital thermometer, dual heating lamps with bulbs, under-tank heating pad, feeding and watering dishes, lots of tank decor, new sheet of blue floor felt, and various containers of bearie food and treats. Pickup in Little Rock or Lonoke area

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or for more information. Miranda Evans (5 Zero 1) Six 7 Six, 1 Two 33

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Buffy snuggling with my partner!!!
So freaking handsome I just love youuuuu so much 💕
There is something wrong with my beardies left eye!! I included a picture where it shows what her right eye looks like then the others are what her left eye is. She always has it closed (as much as she can) and she finally opened it for a bit when i misted her. I don’t know what i could be doing wrong and it’s not from sand because she doesn’t have it in her cage.
This is a message for all Bearded Dragon owners: do NOT feed your Dragon pellets! Feeding your Dragon pellets can cause SICKNESS and GREAT HARM! So please, do NOT feed your Dragon pellets!

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