<2 year old keeps stomping one foot?

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Hey all,

My 20 month old, Tifa, started stomping her back left foot yesterday for no reason I could discern. It's very fast and loud (you can hear it all throughout the house). When she did it the first time it was 3 times in one hour. After that it's been more like once every hour or two. Only two times after she did this I saw her keeping the same leg lifted off the ground awkwardly, but only for maybe 30 seconds.

This is new and I can't figure it out online. Everything says this is either a territorial scare tactic, or sometimes is a mating ritual. I don't see why it would be a territorial thing as there's been no changes to her environment and she lives alone. Also her colors have been fine, beard has been tame, and she isn't doing any head bobbing or anything. And I don't know if it's a mating thing because there's no other dragons around. Is it possible she's doing that even though she's alone, like she's in heat and can't help it?

** I gave her a couple bites of some new veggies literally minutes before I first saw her do it. But it was literally two bites (1 bite of sliced snap pea, 1 small bite of radicchio) and I don't understand how that could've caused this. She loved both (and I know radicchio isn't a staple). Her diet's been pretty consistently good.

Besides the stomping, her behavior seems totally normal. She's alert, her eyes look healthy, she's active and social but not going crazy or anything. And her leg seems to be strong and functioning, she can climb and jump around just fine. Really hoping it's not a possible sign of a health issue! I'm totally broke atm and will have trouble paying for the vet :/

Thanks in advance for the help!!


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It may be that she just feels something odd, just like a cat will shake it's paw if there's a strange sensation. It could even be itchy. Is she still doing it ?


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Hey thanks for your reply!

She did it all day yesterday and my roommate saw her do it once this morning, but we haven't seen her do it since. She ate a good deal of veggies today after that and then had a pleasant bath, pooped in bath, hung out for a while, then went back to basking. For now it seems like the fits might have passed. I'm going to keep an eye on her though. She's usually good at letting me know when something's wrong or she needs something.

The only other thing was her poop today looked a little weird. I haven't fed her anything that reddish color lately and I was worried it might be blood, but it doesn't really look like blood, right? I poked at it and it was a quasi-hard mass that was all that color. Way darker than the squash she's been eating. I also have no clue what that speckling is on the casing. Anyway it's probably a long shot that these are related but thought it best to point out. Might be overreacting on all fronts for all I know, I tend to do that whenever I see an interesting poo :/

View media item 64934* Sorry, I know that question/problem is kinda off topic for this thread.

She's also starting to show a shed on her chin, and a little bit on her front right arm, but not on that leg, so I kinda don't that that's got to do with it either. Though you could be right, she could just be a little itchy.

Anyway... at the moment she seems great )

And she's about 2 months overdue for her yearly check up so I'm going to try to figure that out soon either way.

thx again


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Sorry, still getting used to the new format. This work?)


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