2 unexpected eggs

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Ive just come home to find Nancy has laid 2 eggs, i wondered why she wasnt eating as normal and now i know why. How many eggs can i expect and over how long? any tips and advice will be greatfully received.


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Is she trying to get out or seem like she is digging excessively? You should offer her a nesting area or laybox. I use play sand mixed with water to a "sand castle" consistency. They will usually become finicky and restless when they need to lay their clutch.

They can lay anywhere from 10 to 35 eggs at a time. Females can also lay infertile clutches with out being in contact with a male 3-5 times a year, not all do, but its possible.


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personally ( though I am no expert) yoru eggs dont appear to be fertile..is se a single female that hasnthad contact with a male, or was se mated? but as posted above, you shoudl offer her a lay box..some sort of damp dirt/sand/soil mixture will work.


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I agree that the eggs don't seem to be fertile, due to the yellowish coloration. My first Beardie laid a bunch of infertile eggs (she's never been bred), and they all looked yellow like that, and were kind of small and hard (not like rock, just more doughy than squishy). For comparison's sake my current Beardie just laid a clutch which I'm 99% sure is fertile. All the eggs were large (1 inch long) and white, with a pinkish spot on top, and felt like loose water balloons.

In any case, definitely provide your female with a dig box, because whether the eggs are fertile or not, they need to come out. Do you feel any more eggs in her belly? If you probe gently with your fingers, you should be able to feel her belly, which in an egg-less condition should be soft and squishy. If there are more eggs in there, you'll be able to feel them. Just don't poke too hard, because ruptured eggs are a serious medical issue.

btw, female Bearded Dragons who are not bred will occasionally lay a few (2-3) infertile eggs at random times (a couple times a year, every 2-3 years, etc.), so there's nothing to worry about. It's normal for them. :wink:


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she has now laid 10 eggs in total and i have provided her with a box in which she can lay, and she has her appetite back, i think there may be some more to come as she is still digging
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