2 Beardies in one tank?

Hi guys,i have two female beardies in one tank,the Yanks say its no good but im not so sure.
Sure they have their differences in opinion it seems,they sit under the heat light,chins in the air kinda thing,but they seem to be ok to me.The people i bought them from said Footless lost her toes on the one side and a section of her tail cause of Toothless but i dont know how sure i am of this cause when i got them,they had none of these fancy globes that i had to sell my arm to a sangoma to get,in the tank.Now they have a red heating light (have to do something to diminish/keep the light in the tank cause it looks like the red light district from outside at night) ReptiZoo Infrared Heat Spot Lamp 150w and a ReptiGlo UVB 26w globe.
I make sure there is always grated carrots/apple and cucumber in a bowl for them to munch on as well as a bowl of Komodo Bearded Dragon pellets which the one seems to chow without me having to put worms in to make it seem alive.
Is it really so wrong to have the two in the same cage?
Someone is sick too,in the last week i have found opgooi in the tank,im not sure who is gooing the chunks but its not right.
I give them crickets or mealworms or superworms maybe every 3 days or so,crickets more often though.
I would like more info from a few people that are experienced with these creatures to comment please,just because i want more then one opinion so i can narrow down what is causing the vomit issue and if its a real problem and to find out if what my setup is and the way im doing things is ok or where i need to tweak a few things.
This is my current setup.


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You will want to address some of your husbandry for sure check out the care sheet on this site, it's pretty good. It should get you started and if you have questions folks will be happy to help.

As to your question cohabitation can be a problem as the dragons can start to see each other as rivals and compete for resources (food, the best perch, the best basking spot) etc and it can cause long term low levels of stress (which can lead to poor health) or violent outbursts. Sort of like having a roommate. People who do have success with multiple dragons are either lucky or have large enough enclosures the dragons don't need to compete with each other.

It also makes health checks and such easier as you know exactly who's poo it is if there is only one dragon in the enclosure. The vomiting could be a range of things, as I mentioned you'll want to correct your husbandry.

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