2 beardies a good idea???

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Hi everyone,

ive looked at sooo many websites and forums past 2 weeks to last me a life time!! I was to start with going to buy two baby beardies male and female but from what i read have been put off with people saying the male can be agressive with female and generally stress her out with wanting to mate all the time. so now thinking about 2 females but reading conflicting views on this aswell please help? :(

new viv is 4x2x2

cat x


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Thankyou for that :) wasnt sure if from same clutch they would be ok, suppose better be safe than sorry xx


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Yes, better off on their own. I just read a post on here where one of the dragons stressed out the other one until it died from stress. If they aren't physically harming each other, remember they can emotionally.

They like having you as their company :) Just stick with one!

I have two males, BUT they are both in separate tanks, cannot be out together, and CANNOT SEE EACH OTHER. If they see each other, they get extremely stressed out and try to attack each other because of territorial reasons. So, if you want two, just keep them away from each other in separate tanks and don't let them see each other. It is nice to have two to see the difference in personalities, but If you don't want to deal with all that extra precaution stuff, just get one :)


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I have two males who live in separate tanks. If Buster sees Dave, he starts head bobbing and Dave looks at me like he is saying "really?". I recommend just getting one. Don't breed until you are very experienced.
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