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Here's my "every day" schedule. Some variations come in - e.g., I'm not putting in playtime, because that varies on time; it's usually in the evening, but sometimes in the late afternoon.

Around 8AM: Turn on lights, put in salad.
Around 9:30AM: Put in reptiworms. They stay there until an hour or two before lights out.
Around 11AM: Go for a walk, for some natural sunlight. I use a ferret carrier.
Around 3PM: Bathtime! And poo time.
Around 4:30PM: Add some small superworms or dubia to the bowl of reptiworms.
Around 8PM: Take out foods.
Around 9:30-10PM: Lights out.

Playtime is usually sometime between 3PM and lights out, most often around the time I take the foods out. Sometimes, Wave helps me with that. :wink: She's growing at a rate of about an inch every 10 days-2 weeks, and putting on weight like nobody's business (244 grams, 15 inches, last time I weighed her, at 5 months old). She's very friendly, very trusting, no problems at all with handling her or picking her up, and there haven't been any since the first couple of weeks after I got her. She eats a variety of greens (turnip and mustard, this week), I do an every-other-day rotation of toppings (have a frozen mixture of strawberry, blueberry, grapes, and carrot, or use fresh things we've got in the refrigerator), and for live feeders, I keep reptiworms, superworms (small ones - buy them at micro size), and dubias. No aggression, thus far - but I've heard that the best recourse for that is just to force-handle until they learn that biting isn't going to get them their way.

I never mist, just bathe daily (they're pretty short baths - 5-10 minutes, rather than 10-15, since I do it every day). During shedding, we might have two baths if there's some skin that looks ready to come off. She's in almost constant shed somewhere, at this point, so I think that's normal for the fast-growing juvenile stage - some part of her is either fading out as it approaches shed, or shedding. Currently, it's her legs looking rather pale.

Does that help at all? I'm no expert, but Wave seems to be growing and thriving, so the system I'm using works for her. :) The schedule has been varied - I was in class last month, and so some of the morning and early afternoon stuff had to be shifted - to no problems.


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A lot of things could certainly be packed into a shorter space of time, if necessary - or left out altogether, like the walk. Natural sun is good, but not absolutely necessary, as far as I can tell. Certainly not every day.

Is there anyone else in your house who could help out, even just a little bit? Just putting food in there, or giving a bath, or something pretty simple?

And not a man, but appreciate the sentiment! You're very welcome. :wink:


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7:30 am: Lights on
8:30am: baths and poop time
9am: Supers for all
10am: greens for all
10-12: digestion time
12-4pm: when we just hang out with them in turns
4-6pm: More worms for the baby and a green top up for the older kids, worms for Mika if she fancies.
7pm: Lagu`s second bath
8-9pm: bedtime cuddles and lights out.


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Jamiedog, does your beardie really poop everyday? Pudgy doesn't go everyday. She's 6 and never has, no matter what I do. The vet says it's perfectly fine, but I wonder.


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She does, but I think that's pretty normal for the little ones? From what I've read, babies will go sometimes more than once a day, juveniles go once a day or every other day, and adults slow down to every few days... I think? Wave's five months old, so I haven't dealt with an adult yet.


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Ah, true. Pudgy was a rescue, so I never had her as a baby. We've been together four years (she's six now), and she's never been "regular", but I do remember that she used to go more often when she was younger.


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I'm no expert, but sounds like she's okay. :) Kudos for taking in a rescue! (And I kind of wish Wave would hurry up and slow it down a bit... :lol: Wouldn't mind getting away with every few days! As long as she's healthy.)
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