136 gallon viv

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I housed mine at about the age of 1-2 months in a 120 gallon tank I made and had no problems. But then again I could have just been lucky. I think as long as he has enough places to hide/ good setup he will be good!


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personally i have my baby right now in a 10 gallon which is perfect for him tho i ordered a custom viv,and not putting him in it until he is a bit bigger

but everyone has there own personal preferences


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he's currently in a 29 gallon tank, he's about 9 inches long is that good enough for now? when do you think i should transfer him :roll:


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Honestly, I have never had a dragon afraid at how big his tank was. I don't know how the idea of big tanks are scary for babies got started, but IME its not true.

If you are going to be feeding insects in the tank, then it would be better to part some of it off, but if not there is no reason why your dragon can't be in a 3000 gallon tank assuming you can keep the temps right and provide uvb through the tank.

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