The love we have for our lizards knows no bounds. They're creatures that think they're as big as t-rexes and even though they have a personality of equal size, they still rely on us for everything. Food, water, shelter and protection. And what we get in return can't be described. The love we get from our little chizards (children/lizards--you like that.?😅😅) is unlike anything we'll ever experience. There's no comparison to them *choosing* to come cuddle in you. They could go anywhere but they chose to come snuggle with you. That little wiggle and the digging with their little leg is the most fulfilling emotion ever. Or when they're just standing there staring at you, like they're trying their little hardest to communicate how they feel about you. It's pride for forming such a strong bond, it's love for earning that trust. It's the mutual enjoyment of each other's company. It's a feeling I don't ever want to lose. I'd do anything for these squirts and can't wait to see them grow up.


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Very well said and expressed, your beardies are lucky to have found such a good home!!! (And they know it to)

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