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    "Inherited" Bearded Dragon needs new home.

    We have been watching my son's bearded dragon, "Smaug", for about a month now while he's looking for a place to live. He's found one but they don't allow reptiles. If you are in the greater Seattle area and want to care for a docile about 1 year old dragon, please respond! We really don't know...
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    Beardie Rehome-So Cal

    I am looking to rehome my 2 and a half year old female red beardie. As much as I hate to admit it, I do not have the ability to appropriately care for her (i.e. experience, knowledge, money, time, etc.) and I just want her to have a much better, happier quality of life with someone who can...
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    Concerned About New Beardies Eating/Behaviour

    I got a new beardie just a few days ago (Saturday, not sure exactly how old she is but young) she was totally fine eating, loved her greens day 1, not so much day 2, loved her crickets both days. Then today suddenly NOTHING. I have managed to get about 5 cricket in her over the course of the...
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