1. L

    Mouth rot

    My beardie was sick and wet to the vet on Wednesday. The vet said that he had early stages of mouth rot and prescribed a .5ml dosage of SMZ+TMP twice daily. I’ve been giving him his medication and daily soaks but he seems to be getting worse. He’s extremely lethargic and doesn’t move much...
  2. Pearl Girl

    Look at her yellow scales!

  3. tedbubz

    Yellow tip urate, too much calcium or bee pollen?

    Hi, my beardie (9 months) just pooped and I noticed the urate tip is yellow (I have attached picture). I sprinkle calcium on his insects about 4-5 times a week but yesterday I decided to sprinkle bee pollen on his insects too. Do you think there's too much calcium or was it the bee pollen...
  4. motherofalittledragon

    Yellow Fungus or Just Paranoid?

    Would yellow fungus come off with a wet paper towel? Obviously I'm not asking about treatment, but I noticed yesterday that my lil boy has some bright yellow on his mouth. It resembles how his mouth looks after I give him food with bee pollen, but I haven't done that in a few days and I just...
  5. Nabewolf

    yellow poop, what does it mean?

    so i came home from work about 15min ago, and the first thing i always do is check both of my beardies cages for poop, and when i got to my females cage i found whats in the photo. shes been having issues for a bit now, she had stopped eating for about a month, wouldnt take anything, no roaches...
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