1. N

    Is this ok for them?

    I have read that this could be showing dominance or possessiveness and I'm wondering if this type of behavior is okay between two baby beardies. They seem to get along well they are not aggressive towards each other at feeding time or anything like that.
  2. A


    Hi there. I got my first beardie 3-4 years ago. I am soon to graduate from college but I have noticed there is reddness and what looks like rashes or burns on my beardie. I have looked at other people who had similar issues but I am unsure what to do. I do not want to go to a vet yet as they are...
  3. _P5ych0_

    My beardie is opening his mouth a lot and swallowing a lot please help

    So my beardie has been swallowing and opening his mouth a lot for the past ten minutes and there’s no sound which makes me think he’s just gaping but it’s a lot and it’s worrying me he hasn’t had a bath recently so I don’t think it’s that
  4. Thuitsu

    Pink tail for my bearded dragon

    I have a Bearded dragon, she always had bit of an issue shedding at the very tip of her tail, at first it was black, then that piece fell off. that's not what im concerned about. but the CONCERN NOW, is the area its turning pink and stuff, I'm highly scared! I'm afraid its infected or something...
  5. B

    Sudden Aggression and Hiding, Sick?

    Hi! I have a beardie named King Norbert who is about 5 years ago, I adopted him last year. He is a great boy, loves to run and jump around and is my best friend. However, he has been acting really weird for the past week. Last Thursday, I realized that one of his heat lamps fell into his cage. I...
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