1. Wanhedamous

    Help, identification

    Hello guys. Two months ago I bought a 3/4 week old male zero. Well he seems to be a she. Also seems to have some color making me rethink if she is a zero. I’ll upload some photos from then to now. I got him at an expo so getting in contact with the breeder to confirm is hard. I’d like some...
  2. Lobretto

    Introducing Verstappen and Checo!

    New member here. Just wanted to take the time to say hi and introduce my babies. I currently have 2 baby beardies and 2 adult tegus. Been raising reptiles for the last 25 years. I've raised several beardies in that time, always rescues. It's been a few years since I've had any bearded dragons...
  3. Q

    What do I breed witblits with

    I bought a translucent witblits beardie today and i want to get into breeding. what do I breed with him to make witblits or if you can, zeros?
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