1. NightRaysMoon

    False brumation or something?

    Kazoku for the two years he's been alive does something strange around November, December, and a bit of January. He'll refuse to eat once the cold winter days have taken hold of our city, however that's where that detail ends. Kaz is still as alert and active as any other season, maybe vibing...
  2. Alinannyms

    Wintertime adoption

    Hey! 's me again. I will be getting a bearded dragon within the next month. I'm not worried about costs or stock, etc, I'm mostly just worried about if winter is a good time to get them? I know that they brumate when it's colder, but does this mean that adopting and bonding with one will be...
  3. 38556BCB-B50E-4125-A5F4-F680800D1A8C.jpeg


    Always grumpy before bed..
  4. L

    How common is it for bearded dragons to have eggs in the winter?

    My bearded dragon Liz is very prone to laying lots of eggs--one year she laid 8 clutches back to back. She normally starts laying the spring or summer months and is done by September. However, the past few days she's been extremely restless. She won't stop running around her cage just like she...
  5. danielc12

    Beardie going to bed early, winter time changes?

    Hello! So my beardie (6 months old, female) just got done dealing with some pretty bad relocation stress, but luckily we're mostly back to normal. She's eating fine, pooping normally, and finally hanging out outside her hide again. Today she hung out basking and moving around from 7AM to now...
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