1. CassiTheNerd420

    Brumation help

    Hey all been awhile, so I just got frankie back from the vet and what I thought was recent health issues is brumation. Now ive done reasearch on it and ive read he isnt supposed to eat, I have to make sure he uses the bathroom b4 fully in it, and during the next week or two slowly get his...
  2. S

    Almost drowned :(

    I was bathing our beardie Duncan who is around 15 months in our bathroom sink like I always do. I was cleaning the toilet, no longer than 3-5 minutes at most when I went back to check, Duncan was in a U shape and limp! His eyes were open and so was his mouth so I though he was too hot and then...
  3. H

    Help bearded dragon gasping and gapping

    Ive had my bearded dragon for about 6 years. A couple months ago i took him to the vet because he had been gasping or gaping for a few week and i was afraid he had a respiratory infection. The vet did tests and said he didnt have an infection but he did have arthritis and gave me pain...
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