1. WaffleFalafel

    Does your bearded dragon try to 'bribe' you?

    This might just be me, and it doesn't sound all that logical, but does your bearded dragon try to bribe you? So Waffle Falafel knows Mommy is a sucker for those kisses and chin rubs (He likes me to put a finger under his chin so that he can rub his chin all over it, probably has something to do...
  2. WaffleFalafel

    Hi everyone!!!

    I am a new beardie owner (I got my bearded dragon on December 13 2022). I named my bearded dragon, Waffle Falafel. He poses for pictures like a star 😂. Please tell me any recommendations of products or techniques or anything of that sort. Because I need the info, to make Waffle have the best...
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