1. Leahlm248

    Help! Exposed flesh!

    Hello. Ok my beady was running around and her shedding skin got caught on a blanket and it ripped the skin off. She now has exposed flesh and the skin that came off looked like it had puss or something on it. She doesn’t seem bothered but im really worried. Images: Closer image has just...
  2. R

    Struggling with runny stools

    I’ve been on here quite a few times and I’m still struggling with my bearded dragons runny stools. His poop is half watery and half semi solid partially digested greens and bugs. Mainly stuff that’s hard to digest like the skin of a bell pepper or the head of a cricket. I was finally able to...
  3. K

    Nottinghamshire vet uk

    Looking for a vet in the Nottinghamshire area; My 5 year old beardie's poop has changed recently and I'm slightly concerned. Just looking for a general checkup but the closest vet who takes bearded dragons is nearly 2 hours away in Manchester, which I'm not sure will be possible for me. Any...
  4. Z

    Need a Vet in LA

    Hello I need help finding a beardie vet on the LA area can anyone recommend one?
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