uvb lighting

  1. neelaluoma

    UVB Lighting

    Hello, So this might be a dumb question. But I have the T8 Zilla 18in 15 watt UVB tube fixture…but I was informed it was not strong enough. I purchased the ZooMed T5 HO UVB tub fixture but it was only 14in. (which I didn’t realize) Do I order a new light that’s bigger(if so which one)? Or can...
  2. tedbubz

    My beardie probably not getting enough UVB because he keeps climbing?

    Hii, OK so I have a Arcadia desert t5 reptile lamp 12% 24W 550mm (21 inches) that's 4 months old. Placed diagonally on top of mesh, distance from basking spots are 13cm - 20cm (5 inches to 8 inches) as pictured: So here lies my problem (pictures taken on 19/8/22 & today, 9/9/22)...
  3. S

    How long can a bearded dragon go without a UVB tube? Has anyone else dealt with Zoo Med’s return policy?

    Hi! So I woke up this morning and my three month old reptisun uvb fixture was not working. I went and bought a new bulb, and it still doesn’t work. It’s the fixture itself that is broken. I have contacted zoo med since it is still under warranty, but with it being a holiday weekend, and it...
  4. Ridley_Roc66

    Brumation or enclosure issues??!

    Hello dragon daddies & mommies! This here is RIDLEY and he's not acting like his usual self. He has been hiding for a couple weeks and now sleeping in his little cave. He still has an appetite if I put food in front, but won't bask. RIDLEY usually likes to bask, poop, eat, then run outside to...
  5. colbertf

    Solarmeter 6.5R meter on a Arcadia T8 12% D3+ bulb

    Hi all, I have a 7 to 9 month old male beardie, ADV+, has not been eating well but is improving, and we just finished medication treatment for URI. He basks daily, no issue there. But he's had a dark 'ish beard since I've got him back in late January. I've received some great and very helpful...
  6. J

    HO T5 mounted inside 40 gallon tank?

    I know there are already a lot of discussions regarding light setup, but I need some help. I am recently revamping my beardie’s 40 gallon enclosure and just bought a brand new Repti-Zoo HO T5 UVB for him, as I read that is the best bulb to have. The tank is top-opening, so I liked the idea of...
  7. Monpetitchou

    Is it necessary to give my dragon D3 supplement ?

    I take my dragon, Falcon, out almost every day to get some real sunlight. if he's feeling a bit nervous, we're only out there for about 20 minutes. Otherwise, we're out there just chilling for an hour. Since he gets real sun + UVB light tube, do you think it's necessary to give D3 supplements...
  8. Monpetitchou

    Bump on base of tail + uvb question

    First off, I want to preface this that I have a vet appt next week ! I noticed last week there is this bump at the base of the tail along the spine (first photo). Looking at old photos from January, I don’t think it was there before (tho I never actually felt for it like how I am with this...
  9. B

    Beginner lighting questions

    I’m wanting to get a baby bearded dragon soon but I have a lot of questions for all the proper lighting I need for it before I get the lizard. I have a 75 gallon tank and want to know what type of UVB light I need to get and if I also need a heating day lamp to go with a UVB. If I need a heat...
  10. Redmomo

    Wrong uvb light?

    I have two of the same uvb lights on both sides of momos enclosure. (I got two since I have them both on top of a mesh screen). I’ll preface this by saying I’m super nervous about everything considering this is my first reptile. I’m concerned about his eyes tho. They look kinda of darker than...
  11. E

    UVB and lighting help

    Can anyone give me UVB lighting and hood recommendations? Currently Mr. Lizard lives in a 36x18x18 tank. I am looking at this...
  12. Mega Ray Vapor bulb

    Mega Ray Vapor bulb

    I bought a new bulb and he seems to like it better. I do have a linear uvb lighting to put inside the terrarium because he isn’t eating much.
  13. kenobisaber

    UVB Placement Help? ASAP

    My question is can you place your UVB next to the basking bulb or does it HAVE to be like the 2nd diagram?
  14. M


    So I just switched to a 40 gallon tank for my beardie, I got a larger uvb bar (reptisun 10.0) that I’m planning to mount under the screen today. as well as a new housing / basking bulb. It’s a 100w zoomed bulb. I don’t know if I need new thermometers but they are both reading at about 80 degrees...
  15. M

    MVB or normal basking bulb for t8 uvb tube?

    Hi! I’m a new bearded dragon owner and recently adopted a 4 year old bearded dragon. He is currently in a 40 gallon tank and was previously with a basking bulb on one side and an 18 inch t8 uvb bulb on the other side, both on top of the cage. I noticed he wouldn’t go over to the t8 tube light...
  16. T

    Lighting choices for 4x2x2 glass terrarium

    Hi, so I have a 10 week old bearded dragon that I've had since he was 4 weeks old, and he had grown so much that is time to make the transition to a larger tank. He is 9 inches long, weighs 40 grams and is currently in a 30 gallon tank. His current set up: * reptisun 15" 10.0 T5 UVB tube...
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