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    Need help finding a fixture for my beardies reptisun 10.0 25 watt T8 fluorescent bulb that's 36 inches

    So recently my fixture for my lizard went out and he's been without UVB for about 2 days while we've struggled to find something that will actually work. I have him outside with me trying to get him some sun at the moment. Where can we find a fixture that isn't a hood that will actually work...
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    Best Recommendations for Lighting/Heat in 4x2x2 Enclosure

    Hi Everyone! I'm feeling super overwhelmed by the amount of different information out there on Youtube and such so I was hoping you folks could best help me decide the best/healthiest setup for my enclosure. My beardie is about 4 years old now and just successfully had a sarcoma mass removed 2...
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    Should I move the uvb light to inside the enclosure?

    I use the reptisun t5 HO 10.0 uvb tube light and I'm just wondering if it's bad that I have it on top of this screen (that it reduces the uv emitted or something) and if I should move it inside. Thanks
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    Best UVB light and fixture for 120 gallon tank

    Hey everyone, What are your recommendations for a 120 gallon tank UVB fixture and tube light? I am trying to replace mine and wanted to see what your thoughts were. I keep his UVB inside the tank, so I know he needs a T8, but it has been difficult to find a bulb that will fit my fixture and I...
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    Trying to figure out T5 lamp placement.

    In my beardies enclosure I'm using a T5 Reptisun 10 uvb and I'm trying to figure out whether or not I can place it on top of the mesh or not. I've seen a ton of different answers to this and I'm having trouble figuring it out. So some advice would be much appreciated with this. Thanks!
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    T5 Bulb Fixture

    Hi everyone! Has anyone tried this fixture as an alternative for the zoo med/arcadia T5 fixtures?
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