1. S

    Carnivore Care Increasing Bowel Movements

    My beardie hasn’t been eating his veggies for over a week now. He eats his feeder insects, but has no interest in anything else. I originally assumed it was constipation. He had a bowel movement with a very large urate Monday, but continued to refuse food. He started coughing and acting...
  2. Z

    gooey sticky mucus discharge from the nose

    Constant gooey sticky mucus discharge from one nostril only - cleaning it with a Q-tip on a regular basis. No wheezing or any other sound. Possible URI? Can it be treated at home or need a vet? Humidity 60% cold side, 30-40% basking side Top screen mesh - cage is well ventilated
  3. S

    Does this look like an Upper Respiratory Infection!?

    Hi, so I just got my new beardie 3 weeks ago. When I got him his head was in shed. He was constantly itching himself and rubbing on things to get it off. About 2 days after he got all of his shed off I noticed his left eye was staying shut. As the days went on gunk was building up. I...
  4. chaibeard

    Treating a RI with Baytril question

    Hello, so I have a question... I recently ordered 2.5% baytril for my bearded dragon Chai as he has been having breathing issues and making clicking sounds, as well as mucous in his nose, which definitely makes me think he has a RI. He has also not been wanting to bask in his heat for very long...
  5. B

    URI in baby beardie?

    Hello! Yesterday I got a beardie that I've estimated to be around 5 months old. Every once in awhile, she'll make these clicking noises, which I know are usually possible signs of an URI, though she's not showing any other symptoms and seems to be doing perfectly fine otherwise. No saliva, no...
  6. J


    I believe my dad’s bearded dragon has a URI. He doesn’t take me serious when I tell him my concerns, I do not work so I personally can’t take him to a vet, I’m not even sure if we have a vet near us. I was just wondering if there’s any way I can help him without going to the vet? Someway I can...
  7. colbertf

    Weird mouth shutter behavior

    Hi everyone. Has anyone seen this before? My 9 month old male bearded dragon Rowan up on his basking spot opens his mouth to bask and gape often throughout the day, but for the past many weeks a majority of the time he'll open to gape and his mouth will rapidly vibrate closed really quickly...
  8. colbertf

    Asperate question

    My boy is about 7 months old and diagnosed ADV+. Currently treating for URI, with Omnivore/Carnivore Care50/50, 1.0cc (Gentamicin) + 5.0cc (NaCl) via nebulizer twice a day, and Ceftazidime Injectable Antibiotic. It doesn't matter if I'm trying to hydrate him with a slurry drops on nose that he...
  9. Skuej

    Uri, cider isnt doing well 😔

    Hello, so our big boy cider isn't doing too well, and I have a go fund me going but I don't wanna post it incase it's not allowed. But if anyone would want the link to check it out be sure to let me know! It's for the vet bills.. he stopped eating and isn't doing too well at all. We have a...
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