1. M

    new adult beardie owner: unusual poop/urate experiences seeking guidance!

    hi! i rehomed an adult beardie (thought to be ~7 yrs old) from a friend who loved her but couldn't take her in their move. i've named her clementine (aka clem aka cowboy clem). i'm seeking some advice for her waste/consumption behavior because it seems different than how she was with my friend...
  2. MochiMom

    Freaking out. 6 month old beardie passed brown and runny urate, soft stool. Has been lethargic

    Please help. Mochi is my first beardie. I adopted him from PetSmart in July and based on his size I guess that he is about 6 months old now. It’s been a learning process having him. I recently relocated his enclosure to be farther away from the home heat vents so that his humidity levels weren’t...
  3. tedbubz

    Yellow tip urate, too much calcium or bee pollen?

    Hi, my beardie (9 months) just pooped and I noticed the urate tip is yellow (I have attached picture). I sprinkle calcium on his insects about 4-5 times a week but yesterday I decided to sprinkle bee pollen on his insects too. Do you think there's too much calcium or was it the bee pollen...
  4. dogndragonmom

    Crystals in urate

    My 3 year old dragon had a BM today and I noticed his urate looked different and has crystals in it. I have been syringe watering him as of late, because 1 week ago he had very very dry stools and urate. He does not eat alot of greens. He eat his feeder insects good. I have been trying to...
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