1. ColeDWestin

    Is something wrong with his ribs?

    Hey guys. While feeding my Bearded Dragon (his name is Safi) this morning, I noticed a peculiar bump along his upper chest/ribcage that hasn't been there before. It feels like a rib (maybe broken?) and sticks out a bit while he's moving around, but he doesn't react with pain at all, and doesn't...
  2. M

    Poop time

    My big beardie baby has been taking big normal healthy “log” poos but the last poo was not all in one piece but little “healthy” looking poos. It wasn’t as large as his normal but didn’t look very concerning, is there possibly a reason for this? He seems much happier since I changed his...
  3. madilian9

    Too much or too little calcium?

    My bearded dragon (3 and a half ish years old, rescue) Cadmus is just waking up from brumation and I am not sure if this is related. I had him out today feeding him some dusted wax worms and meal worms (he’s a bit skinny, hence the regular waxworms) as well as dusted fresh kale and a beardie...
  4. L

    I need help figuring out whats wrong with my boy!

    Hey! So I'm new to this website, I just made an account but I've been looking for a while. I've got a question on if my baby boy has a respiratory infection or what he has. We were told he was 2-3 months when we got him but he looks to be about 3 months old right now and he just developed pores...
  5. C

    Concerns about my Beardies Feces

    So for a little bit now my beardies poop has been runny and different consistencies. I have changed her diet a couple times to help her, and right now I have her eating cabbage and about 6-8 dusted crickets every now and then. I can try and get a photo of what it loood like right now. Today I...
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