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    Questions about weight

    My little rescue girl, Lemon, is about eight years old (according to her previous owner), and came to us looking very emaciated and malnourished, dehydrated, and pretty much unable to move around because of muscle atrophy and MBD. She was living in a too-small setup with repticarpet, a single...
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    Beardie not eating well

    Hey yall So i bought a bearded dragon in july. He was around 7 in and had a lot of health problems. Tail rot due to a nip and poor eating habits as well as a strange skin condition. I treated him with betadine and antifungals and the skin issues went away with shedding and have not returned...
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    Should flukers reptiboost boost be fed before meal?

    My beardie has been losing a bit of weight (weighed him today and he was 358 but his waste just looks a little boney), Anyways I’m going to start flukers reptiboost, I have been feeding him canned mealworms but I’m about 2 weeks till the prep work will be done to start a Dubai roach colony. I’m...
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    How do I help my beardie grow?

    I have an 11-month-old beardie named Matilda (Tilly for short) and I'm really concerned that she is extremely small for her age. I measured her this morning and she's about 13 inches and 129 grams. From what I've seen online she is way smaller than what she is supposed to be. I want to know how...
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