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    Gout in 3 month old bearded dragon

    My vet confirmed gout in sample of effected joint. She suggested Allopurinol and Tramadol for treatment including bug reduction and increase fluid intake and baths 2xs a day. I first want to ask why the baths? Since they don't absorb water thru the skin or coccula(sp). Is it to help the joints...
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    Darts health

    Hi, thanks for excepting us! Dart has been doing fine until, Dec the 10th, she had ate 4 super worms on the 3rd of December, she went to sleep on the 4th, and slept for 5 days! I believe the 10th is when she woke back up. The 11th she wouldn’t eat or drink anything, she wouldn’t poop or nothing...
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    Elmer is 10 1/2 years old!

    Hi All! I rejoined just at the end of November. We got little Elmer back in April 2012, with his birthdate being 03/28/2012. Here is a picture of him then and a picture of him now: THEN (April 2012) NOW (November 2022)
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    Spay on stunted rescue.

    Hi guys, I recently made a post about my girl bee needing to be spayed,she had the spay and is doing very good. I’m not sure if I have bad luck or if it’s just due to the fact it’s becoming more of an issue but my other rescue honey is now due to be spayed as well.She’s been acting very off the...
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    Dragon with gout?

    HI, Ive been reading these threads and think my buddy has gout, we have rehomed him from a friend of the family and not sure how old he is but he is and adult. I have previously given him cherries to eat which seemed to help his symptoms but he longer will eat them so I want to try black cherry...
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