1. R

    I accidentally fed my beardie a piece of a toxic plant.

    I immediately stopped once I saw the milky white sap coming from it. It’s called a prostrate spurge (or spotted spurge.? But I couldn’t find any spots). I searched as much as I could, and I mainly found that it’s toxic because it’s irritable. I don’t know if there’s anything else I should know...
  2. O

    Beardie ate Mother of Thousands leaf

    My beardie (roughly 578.6 grams) ate a toxic leaf that was on my floor that I hadn’t noticed. My dad is on the way to get activated charcoal now. She ate it at roughly 7:07 today and is showing no symptoms. Is there Anything else we can do?
  3. L

    She ate a fire ant

    My dragon ate a fire ant I'm almost positive. I found a dead one outside her tank and prior, she had leaped down and ate something (I had not given her any food yet.) Please help, I can take her to the vet if need be. But I need to know if they are toxic to ingest and how worried I should be. I...
  4. SilentArrow9

    Beardie and Yoshino Cherry Leaves

    I was working on cleaning out my dragon's tank and had her on my shoulder and she started getting into position to jump so I grabbed her before she could. She was looking towards the sunny window next to me so I went to set her down by the window and she took a bite out of one of the leaves of...
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