1. Shard

    Can't Get Temps Hot Enough

    I can't seem to get Xion's temps right no matter what I've tried so far. I've used a temp gun & probe to check. She has a UVB tube. Her basking spot is about 6 inches from the bulb (I'm afraid of potentially hurting her if I push it closer) Her basking spot is a rock large enough for her to lay...
  2. H

    Please somebody help me with the lighting of my beardies tank before he gets sick I am so worried I don’t know how to fix it

    Please help me with the lighting I am struggling and worried about my beardies well being. I have a new 120 gallon tank and cannot get the heat up. I have a 150w basking light, a ceramic heat emitter that runs 24/7, a uvb tube and a led tube for extra light. I can’t get the temp over 95 and it...
  3. EmberRising

    Heating help- ambient vs surface temp

    I have a new baby beardie (4-5m old) and am having trouble getting the temperature right. I can’t get the air temp high enough and the surface temps are at their max. I am currently using a Philips 72w par38 bulb. (I also tried a Zoo med 100w repti basking spot bulb with similar results.) The...
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