1. xMaxthekidd

    Best place for beardie tank?

    As posted before, I may be acquiring my brother’s beardie and moving him to my room, the thing is I’m not quite sure where to put him. I have a sort of small room, and the places I can think to put his new tank would be: by the window (of course then I would have to keep the curtains closed), on...
  2. xMaxthekidd

    Is Air dry clay okay for beardies?

    my bearded dragon keeps hanging out on the opposite end of my tank from the bulb and I think he needs a hideout. (The beardie in question is actually my brother’s and we don’t have a hide yet.) I was wondering if air dry clay would be an effective medium to sculpt one from? I would seal it of...
  3. H

    Please help me with UVB lighting

    I have two coil UVB bulbs right now. I bought that as a quick and cheap way to get my new beardies bus UVB until I can research exactly what he needs. I didn’t want to buy expensive lighting before I knew which are correct. He is a rescue and I am a first time owner. I know and understand that...
  4. Alinannyms

    Enclosure size?

    Hey! I've been doing a lot of research on bearded dragons, I really want to get into taking care of one, and I want to make sure it will be 100% happy if I am inviting it into my home. It's not worth adopting a pet if you're just going to make their life miserable, you know? Anyways, my room is...
  5. kenobisaber

    Better Fitting Lid

    One of my dragons Tigger lives in an Exo-Terra® Natural Terrarium Reptile Habitat 36x18x18 for the time being while I wait for replacement parts on his 4x2x2.. I hated the cross t lid so I got a screen cover from Thrive where it’s just screen no cross t. Is there any better fitting lids? I feel...
  6. N

    Beardie Not Shedding 8 months old, new owner

    Hi friends!! I am a relatively new Beardie owner, as Kava (my beardie) is my first reptile. We got him back in March 23, 2021. We bought him at Petsmart (in retrospect I know, but we love him now anyway) and they told us he was about 8-12 weeks old. He was around 5 inches at the time. He was...
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