1. QueenJay

    Swollen finger

    I noticed today that Nami has a swollen finger and It does seem to be causing her just a little pain. She hasn't shed recently so I don't think it's anything related to that. Any ideas on what caused it? And is there anything I need to do to help it get better?
  2. K

    Bearded dragon help asap!

    Please help me with my bearded dragon. A few days ago when I woke up I noticed what looked like a red scratch just above his right eye. Now two days later it's gotten worse there's another red scratch looking wound and it's swollen, looks bruised, he doesn't keep they eye open very much. Also on...
  3. A

    Swollen back leg on new beardie?

    Hi all. Today I picked up a new bearded dragon (my first one) from someone of Craigslist, but when I took a closer look I noticed that the back left knee and leg are swollen. I managed to get a vet appointment for tomorrow morning, but in the meantime I’m worried. He doesn’t seem to be in pain...
  4. L

    Please help - bearded dragon foot is swollen

    Hello everyone, last Friday I noticed that my beardie’s foot is swollen. It seems like there’s a black spot of where it started swelling from, and in the last few days it became worst. Here’s a picture from Friday: Here’s a picture from today (Tuesday): https://i.imgur.com/94OgtuZ.jpg he...
  5. Y

    GOUT or Arthritis???

    Hello! I am hoping someone can help us figure out what is wrong with our 15 month old, 13 in long fancy bearded dragon Yoshi. We noticed tonight his left wrist area was very swollen. I have been reading on these forums assuming it was gout, tried to order the meds but couldn't, and happened...
  6. rio00

    Leg issue

    We have a bearded dragon called Rio and she’s around 7/8 years old, she’s a very active lady (she’s currently sat window watching after just having a run around, it’s one of her favourite things to do). We were bathing Rio yesterday and when we got her out of the bath I noticed that her left...
  7. Sweetie_Cheeks

    Inflammation/Fluid Buildup/Extremely severe stomach spasms/twitching Help!?!

    Inflammation fluid buildup with Extreme Stomach Spasms/Twitching after eating and/or drinking. Also, her stomach looks swollen/indented and it’s traumatic watching her have to suffer constantly. It’s been happening for about 6+months and it has significantly gotten worse. She isn’t black...
  8. Gyles

    Unknown femur problem

    My beardie, Chad, is about 8 years old and I've had him for 7 of those years. About a week ago I noticed he was lightly limping on his back right leg. I kept an eye on it the first day and called the vet the next. He was limping the same and his thigh was swollen. His calf and foot were fine and...
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