1. M

    I cannot help my dying beardie

    Hello everyone, I have had my bearded dragon for only four years. She had always been in good health, with frequent check ups from the doctor saying everything was checked out. Recently I have hit a huge financial struggle. I could still afford her needs and things to ensure she has a more than...
  2. MissMelanie

    Help for Clementine

    Hello all. I've created a GoFundMe for my Bearded dragon Clementine who needs surgery. Please find more details here >Surgery for Clementine to have stuck eggs removed, organized by Melanie Adams-Thirtle
  3. E

    Lump on bearded dragon, but behaviour pretty normal. Vet wants to operate

    My female bearded dragon is about 7.5 years old and two weeks ago I spotted a lump on the lower part of her back, to the right of her spine. The lump isn't protruding too much out of the skin, but it's taking a up a good third of the area on the right of her spine. At first, I thought it was...
  4. K

    Post spay questions

    hi my bearded dragon had follicles removed and spay done on wedsday 3/30 and hasn’t ate since. she was prescribed tramadol and enrofloxacin. i think the antibiotics might be affecting her appetite but i’m not sure. she gives me an extremely hard time when trying to give her medicine/syringe...
  5. C

    My Baby Cosmo

    Hello everyone, today my gorgeous boy Cosmo sadly passed away. He has been struggling for a few months and has been in and out of the vets with ups and downs, however bloods looked normal and he was still having bowel movements. We recently found the root of his issue (general inappetence and...
  6. J

    Bearded Dragon wouldn’t wake up after surgery.

    A little back story.. I rescued this bearded dragon because she was cohabited with another beardie and got beat up. She was abused & had tail rot when i got her. I scheduled an appointment for her to get her tail amputated. I took her to the vet 8 am. Didn’t get a call until about 2:15 saying...
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