1. Wonderful Lizard of Oz

    Super Worms?

    Hello! I've had my dragon for around 4 weeks now and I've been regularly feeding him super worms as his main course. He just turned a year old a little less than a week ago so I was searching how many to feed him now but I came across something. There were a few websites that said super worms...
  2. I

    Picky Eater

    Okay so Winnie has been eating kale, superworms, crickets, and some freeze dried bugs for a while. Kale is his favorite green and he refuses to eat soft worms so I think he has a texture preference for crunchy. Recently he’s stopped eating greens and eating very few worms, basically eating just...
  3. I

    Picky eater? Help

    Ok so Winnie has been pretty steadily eating kale and other greens, worms, and crickets for a while. I’ve tried other greens but kale seems to be the favorite, also likes flukers freeze dried bugs and hates soft worms, really seems to have a texture preference for crunchy stuff. Recently he...
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