1. Nikki.D

    Wood chips or shelf liner?!

    I took out my bearded dragons wood chips as they were getting really dirty. I have roughly cleaned his enclosure but will deep clean it once his enclosure cleaning spray arrives. Right now his is on bare floor. He has been doing sloppy poos so I am not too sure but he may be feeling stressed. I...
  2. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    About my beardie's substrate

    Is this the correct shelf liner? How do I put it in the enclosure? What if it starts to fall apart and he eats it???
  3. Lyrebird.Rainwing

    What substrate should I use?

    So my beardie Swordtail licks EVERYTHING, so I have decided to put another kind of substrate in his enclosure to prevent impaction from the sand Any suggestions?
  4. M

    Dragon eating Jurassic Natural Australian substrate. How serious?

    My dragon has been licking/tasting his substrate and there is gravel in his poo. It's jurassic natural australian substrate which was listed by reptifiles as a safe loose substrate but now i'm worried. should i remove the substrate?
  5. S

    What’s the best flooring?

    Hi! So I recently upgraded Oslo to a 4x2x2, but can’t find a floor I like. The mat I had before was really inconvenient because the poop would leak through and I would have to scrub it on both sides & let it dry (the bottom side was some sort of fabric and took forever to dry) and by that point...
  6. M

    Tiles cause issues?

    I have had my bearded dragon since August, and he is THRIVING! I love him so much! So I was asking in a Facebook group about something unrelated and it came up that my beardie is on tiles. I use slate tiles for his flooring. I LOVE them! I spot clean as needed, they retain just the right bit of...
  7. P

    Setup guidance

    I just bought two 4’2’2 enclosures from zen and I want to know the proper lighting and lighting setup. I bought 150w basking lights and 100w Che’s and T5 uvb and hood 36”. I also wanted to know if substrate is recommended as I was think about it and if so which one? I currently bought the mats...
  8. T

    Non adhesive shelf liner smelling weird

    I just switched the substrate for my bearded dragon to non adhesive shelf liner. It smells very slightly chemically. I have to put my nose right on to it to smell it. Is this okay? It's new. Any responses are appreciated.
  9. T

    Is this a good tile for substrate?

    Here is the slate tile I am going to get MSI Montauk Black 12 in. x 24 in. Gauged Slate Floor and Wall Tile (10 sq. ft. / Case) SHDMONBLK1224G - The Home Depot. Do you think that this is good for my bearded dragon's enclosure? Also how should I clean it? Should I just wash it off or bleach it in...
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