substrate help

  1. Chris.

    New build

    Hello community, at the moment I'm away on vacation and my dragon-sitters have accidentally messed up my tank setup quite a bit. So I'm thinking about redoing everything from scratch, having learned my boys preferences since the last time I did set everything up. As he does like to dig from...
  2. M

    Dragon eating Jurassic Natural Australian substrate. How serious?

    My dragon has been licking/tasting his substrate and there is gravel in his poo. It's jurassic natural australian substrate which was listed by reptifiles as a safe loose substrate but now i'm worried. should i remove the substrate?
  3. S

    What’s the best flooring?

    Hi! So I recently upgraded Oslo to a 4x2x2, but can’t find a floor I like. The mat I had before was really inconvenient because the poop would leak through and I would have to scrub it on both sides & let it dry (the bottom side was some sort of fabric and took forever to dry) and by that point...
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