1. JohnW61622

    Spot of blood in urine?

    Hello all need all little input here. Today as normal my beardie went potty but I notice a spot of blood in the urine. He/she is acting normal eating good and is almost done with the process of our first she’s at home. Gets 3 baths a weeks also has access to water at all times. There are times I...
  2. B

    New Beardie owner - stressed beardie??

    Hellooo, I recently got a bearded dragon from a co worker of mine who said she didn't have enough time to care for him anymore, he's quite a big beardie and I believe that his enclosure is a bit too small for his size. I have fed him fresh greens with a mix of the dried beardie food mix and he...
  3. CassiTheNerd420

    Frankie doesnt like baths?

    He seems so stressed every time I bathe him (3x a week) hes either frozen or tries jumping out of the tub ive had him for a week and a half now he’s about a year old and ik his old owner didnt bathe him idk what to do The bath temps are between 90 and 100 and the bath has been cleaned thoroughly...
  4. tedbubz

    Behaviour changed when changed set up a bit; never done before

    Hi, I don't know if I'm needlessly worrying or not but I feel like maybe something is wrong. So on Friday 2/9/22 I changed his set up (added new walls and added one 75W exo terra intense bulb in the middle to create a higher ambient temp of 29°c/84°f opposed to the previous 27°c/80.6°f)...
  5. TurkeyKirkey

    New 7 month old male bearded dragon

    Hey my new baby toothless came from a home where people were scared of him so would pull his tail to move him :( now I feel he was so traumatized he is scared of humans now are there any tips to start bonding with a aggressive or stressed out beardi that’s new to your home
  6. T

    New Tank, Strange Behavior

    Hello. I’m fairly new to bearded dragons and reptiles in general, but I think I’ve been handling it well. I built a custom tank for my bearded dragon that I got at about 3 months old. That tank had an open top, but I was able to maintain temperature and humidity well. Three weeks ago, I...
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