1. K

    Bearded Dragon Passes White-thing in Stool--What Is It?

    Hello, everyone. I am new and signed up because my dragon passed a single weird white-thing (I'm assuming) in his stool--the only issue with this thought is that I found it a few inches away from his abnormally small thing of poop and it was dry. I have owned him for 10 years (he is 10)...
  2. M

    Poop time

    My big beardie baby has been taking big normal healthy “log” poos but the last poo was not all in one piece but little “healthy” looking poos. It wasn’t as large as his normal but didn’t look very concerning, is there possibly a reason for this? He seems much happier since I changed his...
  3. dogndragonmom

    Crystals in urate

    My 3 year old dragon had a BM today and I noticed his urate looked different and has crystals in it. I have been syringe watering him as of late, because 1 week ago he had very very dry stools and urate. He does not eat alot of greens. He eat his feeder insects good. I have been trying to...
  4. R

    Struggling with runny stools

    I’ve been on here quite a few times and I’m still struggling with my bearded dragons runny stools. His poop is half watery and half semi solid partially digested greens and bugs. Mainly stuff that’s hard to digest like the skin of a bell pepper or the head of a cricket. I was finally able to...
  5. A

    Red in my beardie's stool

    Hey, I recently got my beardie, Sappho, from a local reptile shop. She's between 2-3 months old. When getting her, they recommended that I use crushed walnut substrate, so I went against my better judgement and used it, which is why it's in this photo, but trust, I'm getting tile in the next few...
  6. M

    Lethargic, Parasites, Yellow Fungus?

    Hello, I have a bearded dragon named Delta (a 3 year old female) that has recently been giving me some cause for concern. I love her dearly and have cherished my companionship with her but I am beginning to worry. A couple days ago, I noticed that there is some very noticeable yellow and flaky...
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