1. QueenJay

    Bloated on one side?

    I noticed today that Nami's right side appears slightly larger than the left. You can see in the pics it seems more "puffed out". Any ideas on what would be causing this? She pooped a few days ago and it was normal. She had little interest in her crickets a couple days ago, which isn't normal...
  2. Sweetie_Cheeks

    Inflammation/Fluid Buildup/Extremely severe stomach spasms/twitching Help!?!

    Inflammation fluid buildup with Extreme Stomach Spasms/Twitching after eating and/or drinking. Also, her stomach looks swollen/indented and it’s traumatic watching her have to suffer constantly. It’s been happening for about 6+months and it has significantly gotten worse. She isn’t black...
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