1. TurkeyKirkey

    Sleeping funny ??? Is this somthing I should be alarmed by !!??

    Hey everyone I walked into my spare room where my baby sleeps and is set up and I caught him sleeping really strange is this normal or does this happen? Or should I be worried
  2. D

    First time Beardie owners.

    Hey yall! My son and I are new beardie owners. Just excited about this new life we are adding to our family! He likes to sleep standing up, added a pic to show what I mean. He's a hoot. So far he seems fine, but how do you know if they are drinking or drinking enough. Also was sold a 10%...
  3. 20220623_221435.jpg


    Vader is sleeping like this lol I'm a new beardie owner and he is a blast lol
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