special needs

  1. Orion1002

    Enclosure advice for special needs beardie

    My little one has neuro problem and so knuckles over at her wrists when she walks, which makes walking hard for her. She has a a tall rock hide (inserted a picture below) and because of the weakness in her legs she can fall when climbing it to bask or changing positions while basking. I want to...
  2. HippieLizards

    Possible tumor, cyst, or abscess developed while I was on vacation for a week. Please help.

    As the title suggests, I just got back home from being away on vacation for 8 days, I had my uncle come and feed them every 2 days however he is not a reptile guy and wouldn’t have noticed this. I finally have had a chance to take a close look at all of my beardies and check for anything before...
  3. D

    Quality of Life question

    This is a very tough post to make, so please be kind, but I need some opinions on the quality of life of my guy. If anyone else has a Dragon with some very specific, specialized caretaking requirements, I'd appreciate some insight, if you can offer some. Or if you've had a quality of life...
  4. DorgEndo

    New rescue Quetzal. About 4 year old male beardie with some issues

    I've been thinking of getting a new rescue beardie for awhile. This guy has been in the Snake Discovery adoption island for something like 3 months? That was after his quarantine too. Something about him just called to me. He can be Quetzalcóatl but Quetzal works good too The history we have...
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