1. K

    third spay!!!

    I suspected my beardie fluffy of having follicles yet again and just confirmed by ultra sound today i was right.. she has already been spayed, then the next year developed follicles again, had surgery again, and now she needs her third spay and follicle removal. my vet is very shocked. i am...
  2. G

    Regrown Ovaries

    So this is a discussion/question; my beardie Puff is 8 years old and had follicular stasis back in May 2023 with a successful spay. Come mid summer I notice that she’s not gaining any weight and has become aggressive with food so I bring her in again, lo and behold her ovaries are regrowing and...
  3. K

    Weird behaviour after surgery?

    Hi all, I hope I am posting this in the correct place. Last Friday 25th August, our beardie went in for spaying surgery as she had follicular stasis that was quite bad and infected. She was pretty normal leading up to it, she had lost her appetite for a couple of days a week prior but she was...
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    Post spay questions

    hi my bearded dragon had follicles removed and spay done on wedsday 3/30 and hasn’t ate since. she was prescribed tramadol and enrofloxacin. i think the antibiotics might be affecting her appetite but i’m not sure. she gives me an extremely hard time when trying to give her medicine/syringe...
  5. L

    Struggling with eggs again..spay?

    Hello, Some of you may have read my posts in the past about my bearded dragon Liz who has MBD and often struggles to lay her eggs. Unfortunately she's also prone to laying many clutches of eggs (her record was 8 in a row in 2019) and it just takes such a toll on her. Right now it's been a...
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