solar glo

  1. LianneHenry

    Too hot/too much UVB?

    Hi everyone! I changed up my setup yesterday from a 125W Solar Glo (do not recommend!!) to a 100W Basking light (Zoo med) and the Zoo Med T5 10.0. The T5 sits above some mesh about 8-10 inches above the basking spot and 18 inch above the floor. This is the first time since I got my bearded...
  2. LianneHenry

    Newbie in need of help!

    Hi everyone! I just joined this forum! I adopted my bearded dragon Henry about a month ago. I have zero experience with reptiles so I am freaking out. Henry came from a house where he was severely neglected and was loaded with parasites. He was never really handled but crazy enough is really...
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