1. TurkeyKirkey

    Sleeping funny ??? Is this somthing I should be alarmed by !!??

    Hey everyone I walked into my spare room where my baby sleeps and is set up and I caught him sleeping really strange is this normal or does this happen? Or should I be worried
  2. 20220623_221435.jpg


    Vader is sleeping like this lol I'm a new beardie owner and he is a blast lol
  3. Vertical sleep dragon

    Vertical sleep dragon

    First time she decided to try a full vertical sleep in her "tree". I'm so happy for her. She has always been able to have semi-vertical sleep space, but now with the taller bigger enclosure and her "tree" she can be vertical if she wishes
  4. My sleeping hunky boy Cheech

    My sleeping hunky boy Cheech

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