1. K

    Best Enclosure for a bearded dragon

    Hello, I am wanting to change my bearded dragon out of her current 120gal PVC tank after she's done being in brumation since I have issues with humidity levels rising in there during the summer + it's super dark since it has black panels. With that being said, what the best terrariums for an...
  2. A

    Where can I get a big tank that won’t break the bank?

    I recently talked to my vet about what size Finnegan’s (My 24 inch long 1 1/2 year old bearded dragon) tank should be and she said up to 160 gallons. Now I know it doesn’t have to be that big and I don’t have the money nor the space to do that but I want about an 80 gallon tank up to a 100...
  3. Alinannyms

    Enclosure size?

    Hey! I've been doing a lot of research on bearded dragons, I really want to get into taking care of one, and I want to make sure it will be 100% happy if I am inviting it into my home. It's not worth adopting a pet if you're just going to make their life miserable, you know? Anyways, my room is...
  4. D

    Beardie Rescue Volunteer request

    I am a foster for a local (Olympia, WA area) small animal rescue (Tiny Tails and Scales). I have volunteered to sew some bow ties or other "fashion statements" for bearded dragons and the other small critters this rescue serves. The purpose would be to use such props for photographing critters...
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