1. R

    Silkworm questions

    Hi, I’ve been ordering silkworm cups to feed my beardie and I just read something alarming and wanted to see if I could get some more follow up. Silkworms certainly take work to keep alive - I clean out their cup every day. I do lose some of seemingly every cup, but my supplier will always send...
  2. sconley

    Won't touch salad, withholding Bugs

    I'm withholding bugs from my dragons, who both don't eat their salads, It's day 5, still no interest in the salads.. Both dragons are a healthy weight and are 2 years old. Both Vivarium specs 12% arcadia uv changed 4 months ago Basking spot is 40C, cool end is 26C Vivs are 5 x 2 x 2 No...
  3. Groggyfroggie

    Feeding Silkworms

    So I’ve just started on silkworms and wonder how many should be fed everyday? Draco is 4.5 months old and 15 inches, eats healthy amount of salad and 7-10 big dubias everyday. My silkworms are at ~4cm (1.5 inches) now. I plan to feed him only silkworms for protein until I go through all of...
  4. sconley

    If I am using BSFL and silkworms to top salads - how do I cut her bugs down?

    My 1.6 year old female doesn't naturally know what salad is, she does eat it when her salads are topped with BSFL and silkworms, dubias etc, I gutload them with nutrients, top her salad with Arcadia earthpro, dragon fuel occasionally and herbimix flowers safe for beardies from a reptile shop...
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