1. A

    Shed stuck in nose

    So my Beardie Sam has had shed stuck in both nostrils since I got him He’s had multiple baths already and I’ve tried gently plucking them out with pliers but he won’t let me Is there anything else I could use? Shed being in his nose for the past 5 months can’t be healthy
  2. Aruna

    Peeled bearded dragons shed!!!

    I am a first time reptile / beardie owner. I feel terrible, I did so much research and yet did not know that you are not supposed to help peel your beardie’s shed. My beardie is a 1 year old female and this is her first shed with us, we got her a little over a month ago. It was flaking off her...
  3. MangosMom22

    There’s shed in my beardies poop.

    My beardie is named Mango. She’s about 3 months old. Today she pooped and it looks like there’s shed mixed in there. Should I be concerned?
  4. M

    Bearded Dragon’s tail white?

    My bearded dragon has a small part of his tail that is white. The scales are coming off - not sure if it’s shedding. When I touch it he doesn’t react - I don’t think it’s painful to him. Not sure if it’s shed either, he’s never she’d like this before where it’s a small part of his tail.
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