1. D

    How to remove stubborn stuck shed?

    Good morning, Jasper here has been starting to shed around his feet the last couple days, but one of his toes is having a lot of trouble. I’ve been soaking it, but his nail is getting dark now and I’m really worried about the tissue dying. I also don’t want to damage the skin by trying to pull...
  2. J

    Help! My Beardies Toe is Injured

    I was checking in on my Bearded Dragon today and I noticed the tip of his toe had a cut in it. I looked examined more closely and noticed his toe was halfway if not most of the way off. Im afraid that he has an infection or stuck shed. He is my first bearded dragon, I am still learning some...
  3. A

    Shed stuck in nose

    So my Beardie Sam has had shed stuck in both nostrils since I got him He’s had multiple baths already and I’ve tried gently plucking them out with pliers but he won’t let me Is there anything else I could use? Shed being in his nose for the past 5 months can’t be healthy
  4. Aruna

    Peeled bearded dragons shed!!!

    I am a first time reptile / beardie owner. I feel terrible, I did so much research and yet did not know that you are not supposed to help peel your beardie’s shed. My beardie is a 1 year old female and this is her first shed with us, we got her a little over a month ago. It was flaking off her...
  5. MangosMom22

    There’s shed in my beardies poop.

    My beardie is named Mango. She’s about 3 months old. Today she pooped and it looks like there’s shed mixed in there. Should I be concerned?
  6. M

    Bearded Dragon’s tail white?

    My bearded dragon has a small part of his tail that is white. The scales are coming off - not sure if it’s shedding. When I touch it he doesn’t react - I don’t think it’s painful to him. Not sure if it’s shed either, he’s never she’d like this before where it’s a small part of his tail.
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